Yactraq provides market leading business intelligence on audio & video media through custom solutions built on our award winning & patent pending speech based semantic computing platform.

We use machine learning mass customization techniques to create industry specific solutions that translate audio, video, and text streams into cohesive relational data that provides deep insights and actionable results.

Our versatile core platform allows our customers to accurately & affordably search or mine tens of millions of hours of audio & video media across the web, radio, TV, and custom data, such as call center recordings.


With a focus on leveraging our versatile core platform, Yactraq can provide customized solutions catered to the unique and individual needs of your business.

We are presently focused on the below areas, but are open to building other custom solutions to meet the needs of your business.

As a uniquely poised innovator in our industry, we’re looking to revolutionize how businesses interact with audio & video media by developing a variety of solutions as we grow.

Here at Yactraq, we’re just getting started.

Call Analytics Solutions

Manage your call center with data driven insight & provide critical business intelligence to your clients. With CAS, keywords aren't just a sound, they become information nodes to power your profitability.

Comprehensive Intelligence Analytics

A single source for the competitive intelligence, trending data, and consumer sentiment info you need to stay ahead of your competition and on top of the market.

Lead Generation from Local Radio & TV

Forget having to cold call random businesses and instead engage qualified leads with verified ad spend in local markets. Optimize your sales efforts with our industry leading data.

Audio & Video SEO

Drive more traffic to your online videos, podcasts and other media by quickly and automatically generating SEO pages from your audio & video sources using our proprietary software.


Custom tagging and indexing of your audio & video data on a minute by minute basis with Yactraq's patent pending machine learning driven custom taxonomies & vocabularies.

Additional Services

Yactraq can offer additional services and expert advice in the following areas

  • Big Data & CRM software products
  • Strategic design of audio & video data analysis solutions
  • Supporting audio & video marketing strategies to maximize effectiveness

Intellectual Ventures Partnership

Yactraq has entered into a long-term partnership with Intellectual Ventures, an industry leader in the invention marketplace, to drive growth and strengthen our intellectual property position.

By partnering with Intellectual Ventures and participating in its IP-for-Defense program, Yactraq is uniquely poised to bring innovation to the speech recognition industry by challenging traditional approaches to the needs of the market.

Learn More About Our Partnership with IV.


Innovation is the driving force at the core of Yactraq’s team and technology, and we’re proud to have won the following recognition