Yactraq provides market leading, omnichannel business intelligence on audio, video, and text media through custom solutions built on our award winning & patent pending speech based semantic computing platform. We use machine learning mass customization techniques that translate audio, video, and text streams into cohesive data that provides deep insights and actionable results. Our versatile core platform allows our customers to accurately & affordably search or mine tens of millions of hours of audio & video media across the web, radio, TV, and custom data, such as call center recordings.

There are 3 aspects of our platform that set Yactraq apart in our ability to deliver audio mining and speech analytics solutions: speed, scale, and cost. We can build custom vocabularies specific to a client and vertical consisting of tens of thousands of words in only a matter of days, and all at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

Yactraq provides omnichannel business intelligence through OmniTraq, a suite of features powered by our proprietary platform CoreTraq that generates and uses massive customized vocabularies that Yactraq helps companies to craft in order to meet their unique needs.


OmniTraq is a multi-faceted application layer providing audio, video, and text based omnichannel business intelligence solutions that leverage the speed, scale, and cost effectiveness of our CoreTraq technology platform.

OmniTraq's features can be used stand alone, in tandem, or all together to provide an ever increasing, comprehensive business intelligence understanding of any marketplace, in any industry. With OmniTraq, your company can access high impact data like voice-of-the customer, content & ad monitoring, competitive intelligence, brand sentiment and compliance adherence at a speed, scale and cost like never before.

OmniTraq can be deployed either in a secure cloud or on premise and uniquely adapts to your business by utilizing highly customized vocabularies that address the specific needs and objectives of your company. Yactraq provides professional services to assist companies in determining how best to define the most effective customized vocabularies that will have the greatest impact towards achieving their goals.

Whether it's indexing YouTube and social media channels through our Content Monitoring to gain an unprecedented understanding of Voice-of-the-Customer or brand sentiment, or indexing call center calls to ensure regulatory & compliance adherence, OmniTraq can provide your company with unparalleled business intelligence at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.


OmniTraq's Features

Call Analytics Solutions

Minute-by-minute indexing and meta-data creation for call centers and call recordings;
perfect for compliance tracking, capturing customer feedback, improving customer service, and more effective call center management.

Content Monitoring

Fully automated monitoring and indexing of online video & text content from Facebook, YouTube, news sources video blogs, customer reviews, and more; perfect for capturing voice-of-the-customer, brand sentiment, and trending data.

Ad Monitoring

Monitoring and indexing of advertising on broadcast radio & TV and streaming media sources; perfect for lead generation and competitive intelligence.

Comprehensive Intelligence Analytics

A single source that consolidates business intelligence across audio, video, and text data to provide true omnichannel intelligence, whether it's from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, customer emails or phone calls, radio ads, or a multitude of other media.

Custom Vocabularies

The true key to capturing audio, video, and text based omnichannel business intelligence is large, customized vocabularies that are specific to a company's objectives and the vertical in which they operate. Yactraq's CoreTraq platform can produce and utilize vocabularies of 10s of thousands of words in a matter of days, and at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions. Yactraq provides professional services to help your business craft the most effective vocabulary to meet your objectives and drive success.

Yactraq maintains standard vocabulary sets that are used as a basis for our CoreTraq platform, and customized vocabularies for our customers are built upon that standard set to further enhance the capabilities of OmniTraq's features.


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Additional Services

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Intellectual Ventures Partnership

Yactraq has entered into a long-term partnership with Intellectual Ventures, an industry leader in the invention marketplace, to drive growth and strengthen our intellectual property position.

By partnering with Intellectual Ventures and participating in its IP-for-Defense program, Yactraq is uniquely poised to bring innovation to the audio mining & speech analytics industry by challenging traditional approaches to addressing the needs of the market.

Learn More About Our Partnership with IV.


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