Yactraq presents at WBT 2012

The WBT Innovation Marketplace has emerged as the US’s premier event showcasing the largest collection of vetted and mentored companies and technologies emanating from top universities, labs, research institutions, and the private sector from across the globe.

The WBT Innovation Marketplace (WBT) represents the collaborative, year-long effort of investors, licensees, and tech commercialization professionals. The WBT is deal-focused and diverse, showcasing companies and technologies that vary by geography, funding source, and type of research institution. Participating technologies, each supported by private funding, federal R&D grants or both. Technologies are selected by – and presented to – over 100 seasoned venture investors and Fortune 500 licensing scouts representing a variety of industries.

Up to one hundred (100) presenters are chosen to make a 6-minute presentation. Presenting technologies represent a convergence of industry sectors including Lifescience, Materials Science, Energy, Information Technology and Nano. WBT presenters must demonstrate that their technology has the potential to form the basis for high growth commercial enterprise or be easily licensed to solve a specific market problem. Selection criteria include:

  • Close to market: Few barriers remaining to commercial application
  • First in Space: Having the potential to give rise to a whole new industry
  • Platform Technology: Spawn Many products

Since its inception in 2002 the WBT Innovation Marketplace has presented over 630 emerging companies and technologies representing 49 states and 25 countries. To date WBT presenters have received over $786 Million in early and seed stage funding and licensing. These figures do not consider subsequent federal R&D grants or sources of other government, state, local grant funding, or licensing agreements of undisclosed amounts.

$786 Million in “next round” capital (includes acquisitions) including:

  • Life Science – $359 MM
  • IT and Software – $241 MM
  • Energy – $69MM
  • Advanced Materials – $51MM

Over 10 years of research shows that one in three WBT presenters goes on to license, secure venture funding, or sell their IP outright.

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