Yactraq customer DAR.FM implements speech based contextual targeting of ads

“Yactraq’s magic technology combined with their flexible business model means DAR.FM and Yactraq’s interests are fully aligned.  Their software is at the core of DAR.FM’s monetization strategy.  This is the future of internet audio & video.”  Michael Robertson (Founder – DAR.FM, MP3.com, Linspire, Gizmo5 and Yactraq customer).

Yactraq customer DAR.FM has implemented Yactraq’s Speech2Ads solution for speech based contextual targeting of ads from Yactraq partners like Yahoo, Adknowledge, Local.com and others. Presently DAR.FM uses Yactraq software to target ads for three shows:

  • Jim Rome’s Sports show
  • NPR’s All things considered
  • Rush Limbaugh

The next step will be to cover dozens of shows thereby expanding coverage to a large percentage of DAR.FM users.

About DAR.FM

DAR.FM is changing the world of audio !  Its a free service that lets you record radio stations and shows so you can listen whenever you like.  To try it, visit http://www.dar.fm 

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