Today, the majority of the business intelligence contained in the world’s audio remains largely underutilized by organizations. For instance, call recordings capture data where businesses can learn about their most challenging problems, from detecting customer sentiment to monitoring the quality of service provided. A new form of computing is needed to gain insights into this “dark data”. Combining the platforms of speech-tech pioneers like Yactraq with cognitive systems like IBM Watson, which utilize machine learning and natural language processing to understand the world in the way that humans do – via senses, learning, and experience – can provide the kind of actionable insights that are necessary to make use of this rich information source. B2B audio mining requires speech recognizers to pick up terms like product/feature names, acronyms, etc., that are unique to not just an industry but a specific business type or company. Building custom vocabularies using legacy audio mining systems generally requires millions of dollars and long timelines to implement. But Yactraq’s award winning and patent pending CoreTraq technology platform uses machine learning to customize speech recognizer vocabularies orders of magnitude faster and more cost effectively than legacy approaches.

Now, Yactraq is integrating IBM’s Watson cognitive computing system to fully develop OmniTraq, an omni-channel business intelligence solution that delivers audio & text mining capabilities for small and medium businesses, as well as functionally focused business units within enterprise clients. Using the speech recognition and natural language understanding capabilities of IBM Watson Alchemy Language and Speech-to-Text API’s, OmniTraq delivers an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution that can also evolve with the growing needs of a business. Watson’s broad functionality complements the specialized CoreTraq platform, which can customize client and vertical specific vocabularies and deliver best-of-breed audio mining solutions to Yactraq’s clients.

With the ability to automate the analysis of every sales call (not just a few statistically random samples, which is the best that human effort can achieve) for adherence to sales scripts,. OmniTraq quantifies and aggregates this information into automated reports and searchable data that can benefit a business both operationally and strategically. This means any business, even one with a 10 seat call operation, can now access the benefits of audio mining and the critical business intelligence that OmniTraq can offer.

Through its membership in the IBM Watson Ecosystem, Yactraq joins a growing community of more than 500 ecosystem partners and more than 80,000 developers globally that is leveraging the Watson Developer Cloud to deploy new business ideas in industries ranging from health care, financial services, and retail to education, music, and sports. This technology will be an integral and growing part of how people and businesses find answers, and IDC predicts that by 2018, half of all consumers will interact with services based on cognitive computing on a regular basis.