Brand Protection using Yactraq Video Recognition Technology

In Cyberspace countless hours of video content is being created and uploaded every day from every nook and corner of the world. Consumers are discovering, enjoying, and virally sharing videos from this vast but uncontrolled pool. Global corporations would certainly like to follow consumers and advertise their products and services along with the popular videos. However, enterprises would like to advertise only along with the content deemed safe and appropriate for their brands. Given the exponentially rising rate at which online videos are being generated, customers need an automated system to screen, categorize, and discover popular videos on the Internet.

Yactraq is a state-of-the-art online service for analyzing real-time videos, classifying them, and extracting context-sensitive keywords for persuasive advertisements. The Yactraq platform connects Online Video Sites to a number of powerful Advertising Exchanges for immediate content monetization on multiple screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops). For more information on Yactraq’s Video Monetization Platform email us at

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