Automatic Tool for Video Search in TV News Rooms

World-wide there is a proliferation of 24-hour TV and Online News Channels. When a news story breaks or a politician or celebrity makes a pronouncement, News Rooms need to quickly search video archives for checking facts and for finding similar events from the past. Therefore, News Rooms have to systematically archive and index past audio and video content so that it can be quickly found at a moment’s notice. With the prodigious amount of video content being generated by 24 hour News Channels, manual review and classification will require an army of employees. TV News Rooms need an automatic tool that extracts meaning from videos and generates context-sensitive keywords. The relevant keywords will enable quick search and ranking of archived audio-visual content.

Yactraq is a state-of-the-art online service for analyzing real-time videos, classifying them, and extracting context-sensitive keywords for persuasive advertisements. The Yactraq platform connects Online Video Sites to a number of powerful Advertising Exchanges for immediate content monetization on multiple screens (Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops). For more information on Yactraq’s Video Monetization Platform email us at

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