Call Analytics Solutions

Manage your call center with data driven insights and provide critical business intelligence to your clients. With Call Analytics Solutions, keywords aren't just a sound, they become information nodes to power your profitability.

Product Highlights

Call indexing and analytics driven by mass customized speech based semantic vocabularies provide both workforce efficiency gains and critical business insights that contain much more information than typical text based solutions.

Calls undergo a process of data capture to isolate multiple parameters that are indexed and fed into a database that aligns with your business’ priority silos.

Data will be readily accessible through an easy to use front end that minimizes technology integration costs while providing quick access to actionable reporting.

Managers no longer need to randomly audit calls or listen through flagged recordings to isolate issues, with CAS managers can review the day/week quickly and drill down on issues, saving them valuable time that can now be put into better running the business.

Using Yactraq’s robust data and analytics, call centers can include high impact and actionable business intelligence in their packages as a high value service to their clients, thereby providing accurate and direct feedback based on solid data.

Yactraq can be engaged for our Call Analytics Solutions on
a custom development basis.