Content Monitoring

Fully automated monitoring and indexing of online video & text content from Facebook, YouTube, news sources, video blogs, customer reviews, and more; perfect for capturing voice-of-the-customer, brand sentiment, and trending data.

Product Highlights

Captures voice-of-the-customer data like never before by indexing the sites where consumers express themselves and provide feedback, reviews, and opinions that could impact your business. More than ever before, consumers are taking to social media and other online sources to get their voices heard through sites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and many more.

Stay informed of your brand sentiment by timely monitoring and indexing of online sources that consumers go to for information and research, including news sources, aggregators, and influential sites. Whether it's video news channels on YouTube or Yahoo!, news aggregators, or popular review sites such as CNET, Yactraq can keep your business up to date on what top influencers are saying that could impact your brand.

By tracking your brand sentiment and the voice of your customers over time, Yactraq can help your business to understand how perception is trending and how these trends can affect your business. Does your business's brand sentiment align to the voice of your customers? Is your business gaining positive news or blog coverage, but social media is producing mixed or negative reviews? By understanding how the perception of your business is trending you can identify the gaps and formulate response strategies to close them.

Yactraq's Content Monitoring allows you to stay on top of consumer opinion and gauge the perception of your brand, providing you with the data you needs to get in front of social media trends, guide your marketing and PR strategies, incorporate valuable feedback into your products/services, and leverage the ever growing importance of the online infosphere to your business's advantage.

Get your data the way you want it; through an easy to use online front end with data visualization, a custom download, or in an excel report so you can slice and dice it on your own, it's up to you.

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