Ad Monitoring

Monitoring and indexing of advertising on broadcast radio & TV and streaming media sources; perfect for lead generation and competitive intelligence.

Product Highlights

Yactraq's Ad Monitoring is a human augmented artificial intelligence service that monitors broadcast and streaming sources that feature advertising to deliver lead generation and competitive intelligence reporting. Ads are automatically tagged and indexed using our platform's AI speech based semantic capabilities, and then human intelligence is used to augment our AI capabilities by further filtering and specifically indexing ads, resulting in high value and actionable data.

Using our proprietary speech-music separation and custom vocabulary driven semantic technology, our clients can gain access to advertising data on thousands of radio & TV broadcasts across the country down to the local level. Streaming data services that feature advertising can also be monitored, extracting relevant local advertising and competitive intelligence.

Gain valuable knowledge of the captured advertising data; advertiser, ad keywords & phrases, ad length, frequency, location, and relevant product verticals. See who is advertising what, when, where, and how often.

Engage qualified leads that are currently spending on radio, TV, and streaming ads and leave Attack local markets more effectively as your sales team prioritizes their efforts to first cold calling behind. Build trending data over time to see ad spending cycles and better understand your target customers.

Capture valuable competitive intelligence across multiple media sources down to the local level and gain an unprecedented level of insight into competitor activity, providing a valuable basis to develop pro-active and competitive advertising strategies.

Get your data the way you want it; through an easy to use online front end with data visualization, a custom download, or in an excel report so you can slice and dice it on your own, it's up to you.

Optimize your sales efforts by engaging qualified and targeted leads
while staying on top of your competitor's advertising strategies,
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