IBM GEP for Cloud Startups Partnership

Yactraq is pleased to announce our partnership with IBM's Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) for Cloud Startups, which enables startups to accelerate their business through access to cloud services and other resources.

As a GEP member, Yactraq receives $120,000 worth of credits to put towards IBM Cloud usage, including IBM's Softlayer datacenter capabilities as well as its Bluemix cloud platform service. GEP membership also gives Yactraq access to some of the hottest cognitive computing technology by way of IBM Watson.

"The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program's instant infrastructure is a very substantial asset for Yactraq. It allows us to accelerate growth by focusing on quickly bringing innovations to market. Thanks to IBM's backing, Yactraq can now evolve omni-channel business intelligence and enhance insights delivered to our clients through deeper understanding and clear, actionable intelligence. GEP membership gives us the capability to index tens of millions of minutes of audio and video at scale and on a highly reliable system." said Yactraq CEO - Jeh Daruvala, in a statement.