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Spotlight on…Yactraq

This week’s Spotlight on Tech features Yactraq, a company that provides market leading, omnichannel business intelligence on audio, video, and text media through custom solutions built on our award winning & patent pending speech based semantic computing platform. Describe your company. The cutting edge in audio mining & speech analytics, Yactraq empowers SMB & Enterprise clients […]

Yactraq Puts QA and Business Intelligence in Context with Speech Analytics Insights Driven by Machine Learning

Speech analytics is inarguably one of the most valuable tools that businesses can deploy to understand the changing requirements of their customers and monitor the day-to-day performance of their staff. High-volume contact centers record literally thousands of hours of daily audio conversations. The right speech analytics solution gives companies access to an untapped treasure trove […]

Yactraq Takes Machine Learning and Business Intelligence To A Whole New Level

OmniTraq audio mining product offers revolutionary machine learning driven capabilities that enable our clients to detect customer sentiment and monitor service quality in new and powerful ways, across a range of verticals. We met up with Jeh Daruvala, CEO of Yactraq, a machine learning company with cutting edge technology that delivers business intelligence using audible or […]

Yactraq Online And The Future Of Business Intelligence

Written by: Jeh Daruvala, Founder and CEO of Yactraq Online Internet data is concurrently accelerating across many channels, with audio, video and text based channels growing faster than ever. From a business intelligence perspective, this means companies need to be listening across all channels like Phone Calls, Tweets, YouTube, Facebook, Broadcast Media and Web Pages. Applications of […]

EContent’s Trendsetting Products of 2015

I rely on dozens of tools every day to get my job done. We all do, but tools are especially important in the digital media industry. Whether you need a CMS to control your digital experience or an analytics tool to tell you how you’re doing, you require the right tools at every step of […]